Seedling Nursery Technician

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Seedling Nursery Technician
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Seedling Nursery Technician
บริษัท มอนซานโต้ ไทยแลนด์ จำกัด - สกลนคร
Main areas of work responsibilities Prepare and sanitize available capacity of nurseries before crop start to produce seedling and grafting of crops that seedling of the planned orders are produced and delivered meeting the quantity, quality with company standards and at the timeliness.
Generate weekly and monthly reports and update real-time to support field production to do business decision making.
Organize, Direct and Control all workers to be trained and have sufficient experience to conduct producing seedling and familiar with company electronically systems. monitors, supervise them to work properly.
Support seedling nursery budget preparing, considering the existent and future projects, and performance of the current resources, besides fulfilling a follow-up in order to maintain the estimated aims.
Farm Input preparation: plans and determine the Chemical, Fertilizer, and Material (CFM) usage for each crop. Determine terms of contracting, reviews and negotiates truck vendors, and provide training based on company standard requirements.
Discuss with Seedling Nursery Supervisor/manager to get assignment seedling production and grafting. Recruit and ensure enough number of seasonal workers to produce seedling and grafting to deliver meeting the quantity, quality with company standards and at the timeliness.
Monitors, being proactive and adjusted seedling production processes depending on location current circumstance and situation. Immediately implement necessary corrective ways to improve process for achieving seedlings quantity and quality as per plans and targets.
Such as following up the numbers of seedling, surviving seedling, diseases and pesticides to use, and fertilizer programs, etc.
Follow seedling quality and standard in every crops. Join with nursery team meeting and/or field production team meeting to promote seedling nursery update and delivery plan smoothly. Monitors and controls seed processing to ensure purity of stock seed.
Solve and adjust the seedling process to ensure correctly seedling.

Bachelor's degree or higher in Horticulture or other related discipline with at least 1 years’ experience in Seedling Production.
Ability to communicate in English language on both spoken and written.
Advanced computer skills in Microsoft Office.
Able travel and work in upcountry.


ประเภทของงาน : งานตามสัญญาจ้าง รายเดือน/รายปี
จำนวน : 3 อัตรา
เพศ : ชาย/หญิง
เงินเดือน(บาท) : สามารถเจรจาต่อรองได้
ประสบการณ์ : 0 - 1 ปี
สถานที่ : สกลนคร
การศึกษา : ปริญญาตรี
ทำงานสัปดาห์ละ 5 วัน

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